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Working towards HIV/AIDS-related research funding at the University of Minnesota


Congratulations to Dr. Vaiva Vezys on her recent R21/R33 grant about testing the efficacy of therapeutic vaccination on cART-treated, SIV+ NHP to impact viral reservoirs. This funding would not have been possible without preliminary data gathered with support from DCFAR seed grant.
On Oct 6th, 2014: Harris and Reilly coauthor a manuscript on APOBEC3H in HIV-1 restriction (Refsland et al., PLoS Genetics.
Full citation: Refsland, E.W., J.F. Hultquist, E.M. Luengas, T. Ikeda, N.M. Shaban, E.K. Law, W.L. Brown, C. Reilly, M. Emerman & R.S. Harris (2014) .Natural polymorphisms in human APOBEC3H and HIV-1 Vif combine in primary T lymphocytes to affect viral G-to-A mutation levels and infectivity. PLoS Genetics, in press.
Congratulations to Drs. Keith Horvath and Jason Baker on the recently funded R34 –A Smart Phone App to Improve ART Adherence among HIV+ Stimulant-using MSM.



The DCFAR initiative will focus and streamline efforts toward securing NIH funding for  HIV/AIDS-related research at UMN and affiliated institutions.

The mission of the DCFAR is to unite faculty at UMN and create added value by fostering multidisciplinary research and enhancing the likelihood of new HIV/AIDS funding from external sources.


Internal Funding


The purpose of this funding initiative is to support new and novel HIV/AIDS research at the UMN.

Initiation of this pilot grant program is intended to strengthen a DCFAR grant application to the NIH which was submitted in July of 2014.

The application will be reviewed in later November and we’ll keep you posted once we know the score.


News & Events


The Developmental Center for AIDS Research  members are faculty and researchers working to combat AIDS.

We will regularly post content related to our seminar series, funding opportunities and other relevant HIV/AIDS-related events.

Please email us if you have suggestions for seminar topics.